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Active membership can be enjoyed on a number of levels and involvement. You may well be happy just to receive news of what the club is doing through to planning events and Club runs to various locations.

The club offers a wide range of activities with a focus on social happenings that serve different interests.

Our Club operates through the support of its membership. If you have a suggestion for a club event, please contact the Club Secretary .

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Annual General Meeting 2023

  • November 2023, TBC

Past Annual General Meetings

  • 2022 - Blenheim
    • 26 November 2021, Chateau Marlborough
  • 2021 - Online
    • November 2021
  • 2020 - Palmerston North
    • 21 November 2020, Copthorne Hotel
  • 2019 - New Plymouth
    • 16 November 2019, Novotel Hobson
  • 2018 - Havelock North
    • 03 November 2018, Porters Boutique Hotel

Ellerslie Concours d'Elegance

The Ellerslie Intermarque Concours d'Elegance and Classic Car Show Inc. is an annual event open to the public, organised on behalf of motor vehicle clubs by their representatives in order to allow those clubs to display vehicles, promote their clubs and take part in friendly competition. In addition, the event will display and promote the motor vehicle industry and its associated activities, to provide a broad spectrum of interest to the participating clubs and the general public and to be regarded as a motor vehicle show in the broadest sense.

Credit: GrantM.

Brit & Euro Car Show

The Auckland Brit & Euro Classic Car Show is a chance for people of all ages – from littlies to those in their twilight years – to get up close and personal with some of history’s most beautiful vehicles. The Morgan Sports Car Club of New Zealand has had a strong presence at the Brit & Euro Car Show since the inaugural show in 2016.
With Plus 8's, Plus 6's, 4/4's, Aero 8's and 3 Wheelers on display, the public have a chance to get up-close to the cars and talk to Morganeers about their passion.

Credit: Brian Mossman.

Morgans in the Bay of Plenty

Morgan Sports Car Club of New Zealand have motored in to Tauranga to stay at the Trinity Wharf Hotel, attend their AGM and enjoy a weekend exploring some of our windy roads.
20 Morgans rolled in to Phoenix car park Saturday morning, providing locals with the opportunity to chat with owners about the cars.

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Credit: Rosalie Crawford and SunLive.