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Join the Morgan Sports Car Club

A warm welcome to the club of the “First and Last of the Real Sports Cars” – the Morgan.
The Morgan Sports Car Club of NZ encourages all New Zealand Morgan enthusiasts to join our membership. All that is required is to complete the New Member/Owner Form and pay your subscription. This will also ensure that your vehicle is on the NZ Register.

Active membership can be enjoyed on a number of personal levels and involvement. You may well be happy just to receive news of what the club is doing and planned activities. The club offers a wide range of activities with a focus on social happenings that serve different interests:

  • Sunday runs to different venues for lunch. These often embark from Auckland, however members in other locations do get together for local runs.
  • Tours from one to fifteen days in the North or South Islands.
  • International tours such as the Morgan tour of the west coast of USA.
  • Classic Car club displays such as the annual Ellerslie Intermarque Concours d’Elegance
  • Car sport events such as gymkhanas and fun trials
  • Annual General Meeting is held at different locations and the club attempts to move the location each year to ensure regional participation by members.
Members are encouraged to come up with and plan activities that compliment the club calendar.

Membership Application

Any person is eligible for Membership who is the owner of a Morgan car or is the partner of the owner. All joint or multiple owners are eligible for Membership.

Download Membership Application/Update Form

Completed applicaiton forms should be emailed to the Club Secretary.


In accordance with the club constitution, annual subscription fees are determined at the Annual General Meeting following a recommendation from the Executive.

As at 21/11/20, current annual subscription fees are set at:

  • Membership Fee (per person): $20.00
Subscriptions are due annually on 1 January.

Payment Method
Direct Credit
Bank: ASB Bank Limited
Account: 12-3011-0807970-000
Particulars: Membership Fee
Reference: [Your Name]*

* Please ensure you enter your name as supplied in your membership application in the Reference field