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Technical Tips & Tricks

Morgans being bespoke cars are special and different with components and systems not found in any other car manufacturer’s products. In some ways Morgan resembles today’s large car makers with components sourced from a huge range of countries.

For example over the years Morgan has sourced engines from Matchless. JAP, Coventry Climax, Standard, Ford, Fiat, Rover, up to the present BMWs. As such Morgan owners need to find garages and mechanics that are familiar with the specific engines along with gearboxes, steering, and braking systems. Within our membership there are owners in various parts of NZ who can recommend local service companies with the prerequisite skills and knowledge, or may well have information and knowledge that will help you with your Morgan.

Online Support

If you want to discuss technical matters then a popular website is Here you can find forums on anything to do with Morgans and more.

Published Magazine

For the Morgan enthusiast and owner the UK published MOG magazine offers a wide range of monthly reading on Morgan happenings PLUS for the technical inclined excellent sections on Product reviews; Rumblings for the Shed for those looking for technical tips; and a valuable Classified section. The cost for New Zealanders is £55 for 12 issues delivered to your post box.

Product & Service Recommendations

Renovo UK

We have used the Soft top range of cleaner, reviver and sealer on our mohair soft top with excellent results. It takes a couple of hours to apply the three products, but the black top looked like brand new when finished. We used the Vinyl cleaner and ultra proofer on the vinyl soft top on the 2012 Morgan 4/4; and for the ultimate test revived the vinyl soft top on the 1939 4-4 with outstanding results. They also produce a plastic window polish that made a window in a 15 year old soft top clear again.

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Atkinson's Restoration Service

Derek Atkinson is a Morgan restoration expert based in Auckland. With more than 30 years of driving, rebuilding, racing and maintaining Morgans, as the old saying would have it, "what Derek dosent know about Morgan's, is not worth knowing".

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