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Morgans for Sale

Considering buying a Morgan sports car? A great move and one that the club would support you in discovering the wonderful world of the first and last real sports car. Our members own models of Morgans from the 1920s three wheelers through 4/4s, Plus4s, Plus8s, roadsters, Aeros, to the latest 2020 Plus6. If you would like to experience one of these cars then we can put you in touch with one of our members in your region of NZ. If you would like more information on certain models of Morgans then members are willing to assist. Also club Librarian Peter Alderdice has information on older Morgan models.

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While the club provides a listing service for members wishing to sell their Morgan the Morgan Sports Car of NZ is unable to take any responsibility for the content, condition and/or accuracy of any vehicle listed on this website. Interested buyers should do their own due diligence and inspection of vehicles.

If you would like to list your Morgan for sale on this website, please contact us.

2018 Plus 8
Price: $230,000
Number Plate: MYMOGI
Odometer: 26,800km
Colour: Maserati Gialo Sprint (Yellow)
Body Type: Convertible
Seats: 2
Fuel Type: Petrol
Engine: 8 Cylinder (V8) / 4,799cc
Import History: Imported from the United Kingdom

  • Power Steering
  • ABS
  • Heated Seats
  • Cruise Control
  • Heated Windscreen
  • Radio/CD
  • Black Mohair Hood
  • Side Screen Bag
  • BMW all independent suspension
  • Alloy wheels
  • High tech Alloy chassis
  • Sports exhaust
  • All disc sport brakes
  • Luggage rack with Side screen storage
  • Hood cover
  • Air bags
  • Chrome interior mirror
  • Round door mirrors
  • Stainless Interior Door check straps
  • Elasticated Door pockets
  • Great Heater
  • Sun visors
  • Black Leather Reclining Sports Seats
  • Embroidered Headrests
  • Mesh Grille
One of only two in NZ. Unavailable from the factory new. Always garage stored, Regularly Serviced. As New Condition.
We saw this car at the factory in the UK and bought it through the Morgan London agent.
We have been a member of the NZ Morgan Club since we bought our first Morgan in 2004 and have loved our time with the great friendships in the Club and the many runs, tours, and meetings all over NZ.

Contact: Alan | Mobile | Email

2017 3 Wheeler
Price: $80,000
Number Plate: LEB97
Odometer: 1,138km
Colour: Polished Aluminium
Body Type: 3 Wheeler
Seats: 2
Fuel Type: Petrol
Engine: 2 Cylinder / 1,983cc
Import History: Imported from the United Kingdom

The vehicle was a demonstrator for Krazy Horse for a very short time. I imported it into NZ early 2018.
The interior black Morgan upholstery  has been replaced with Italian Leather and work done by an expert in Nelson.
The vehicle has had Phil Bleazey upgrades in the Cush Drive and the Bevel Box, allowing the vehicle to be really smooth  and rattle free.

  • Fish Tail  exhaust pipes ends,
  • Bluemels White quick release steering wheel,
  • Chrome wire front wheels,
  • Morgan chrome luggage rack,
  • Morgan leather bonnet belt,
  • Heated seat bases,
  • Chrome headlamp wire protectors.
The vehicle is  genuine , no panel damage and is in mechanical perfect order.
The reason for the reluctant sale is my work  and personal commitments mean that the opportunities to enjoy the car is almost non-existent , hence the very low mileage. 
Located just outside Nelson.
Would make someone an awesome early Christmas present!

Contact: Jon | Mobile | Email

1933 SuperSport
Price: $65,000
Number Plate: CDW845
Odometer: -
Colour: Silver
Body Type: 3 Wheeler
Seats: 2
Fuel Type: Petrol
Engine: 2 Cylinder / 990cc
Import History: Imported from the United Kingdom

Morgan three-wheeler super sports, 1933, beetle back, Matchless MX4 water-cooled engine, electric start, 12 volt electrics. Professionally restored with all mechanicals and body work $65,000.

A custom-built aluminium fully enclosed tandem axle trailer with electric winch for loading and unloading is available as an option for $10,000.

Contact: Alan | Mobile | Email

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